About us

Since 1991 N.V. Stadsherstel Willemstad, acquires, restores and leases out buildings with a historical character in Willemstad, Curaçao.

With a strong belief in rebuilding Scharloo’s inherited function as city center,

it is our mission to reposition beautiful historic buildings by turning them into homes, offices, retail venues and restaurants or bars.

Stadsherstel N.V. also strives to enhance and rehabilitate the housing facilities in historic Willemstad by stipulating that 50% of the yearly to be renovated buildings must be assigned as residential homes. We pride ourselves in giving century old buildings a second life as convenient and modern workplaces or comfortable homes!

Please contact us with specific wishes. Our dedicated staff will be pleased to show you the projects in our portfolio that are awaiting you as their new tenant.


Proud partner in restoration Willemstad World Heritage City!

Unesco: “The Committee decided to inscribe this site on the basis of cultural criteria, considering that the Historic Area of Willemstad is a European colonial ensemble in the Caribbean of outstanding value and integrity, which illustrates the organic growth of a multicultural community over three centuries and preserves to a high degree significant elements of the many strands that came together to create it”. More info