Professional support for businesses
“We offer you proactive support on a secretarial, administrative and (online) marketing level”
“More sales with online marketing”

“With this practical training you will be trained in the most modern branch of the profession: the virtual assistant”

“Getting Things Done; The art of stress-free productivity!”


BLACK guarantees professional support tailored to your specific needs. With your needs in mind, we prepare a list of tasks for your virtual assistant and your marketing plan


Whether you hire our virtual assistant or our marketing specialist, you can trust that you will have a professional with the right competencies and expertise at your disposal.


You are not bound by fixed contracts and/or mandatory hours. Whether you need one-off support, or you are looking for support on a regular basis, you only pay for the time you use.


BLACK charges a rate that is lower than what you would normally pay for additional secretarial, administrative or marketing personnel. Unlike when you hire additional staff, you will only pay for the time you use